Tarot and astrology readings for individuals, parties and events


I’ve been psychic my whole life, and have been using Tarot cards since the age of 20.

I use Tarot, astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, and other methods of divination in my readings. Each reading is completely individual - like you! No two readings are the same.

If you decide to have a reading, try to think what you’d like to find out. Do you want to ask about: Romance, Work, Family, Future, Fertility, ...or anything at all you’d like to talk about.

You could go for a phone reading or an email reading - but if the reading you really want isn’t listed, let me know. We can always create your own reading for you. Shorter, longer, single topic, Skype. Whatever you like - we can arrange it.

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Correspondence Course

Tarot and Psychic Development course - learn to read for yourself.

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Email reading

From £10. Email readings are done every night, so why wait?

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Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Face to face reading

An hour’s reading in person, let’s find out what the future has in store for you!

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Telephone reading

Book your phone reading now! Appointments available most evenings.

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LinkedIn Xmas party 2018

Corporate events

Make your party or event stand out with a psychic!

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Hard Rock Calling 2013

Tarot parties

Book a whole afternoon of pampering readings for you and your friends.

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Got a question?

Get in touch with me personally, I'll be delighted to hear from you.

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What people say

Thanks for the reading, Im feeling very emotional now becuse some of the things you said fit right in with our current situation. Grown men dont cry bit Im crying now.

- Telephone reading

…you told me I might move on in my work, well Ive just got promoted, same job but more duties and a pay rise. Im called a document management officer. Im not a manager but you told me it might be in management and you were more or less correct. Thank you!…

- Face to face reading

Thank-you for the reading earlier today - it was great to finally speak to you! I look forward to receiving the tape and to speaking to you again sometime in the future!

- Telephone reading

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