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I’ve been psychic my whole life, and have been using Tarot cards since the age of 20.

I use Tarot, astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, and other methods of divination in my readings. Each reading is completely individual - like you! No two readings are the same.

If you decide to have a reading, try to think what you’d like to find out. Do you want to ask about: Romance, Work, Family, Future, Fertility, ...or anything at all you’d like to talk about.

You could go for a phone reading or an email reading - but if the reading you really want isn’t listed, let me know. We can always create your own reading for you. Shorter, longer, single topic, Skype. Whatever you like - we can arrange it.

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Email reading

From £10. Email readings are done every night, so why wait?

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Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Face to face reading

An hour’s reading in person, let’s find out what the future has in store for you!

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Telephone reading

Book your phone reading now! Appointments available most evenings.

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LinkedIn Xmas party 2018

Corporate events

Make your party or event stand out with a psychic!

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Hard Rock Calling 2013

Tarot parties

Book a whole afternoon of pampering readings for you and your friends.

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Get in touch with me personally, I'll be delighted to hear from you.

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What people say

Just wanted to say I have watched you on many occasions on TV and think your work is great... Keep up the fantastic work, I know you help so many people and you are a true earth angel.

- Corporate events

Thank you so much for the text reading last night on TV, it helped a lot. You have help me a great deal.

- Email reading

Hi lovely Inbaal,I just thought that youd want to know that yet more of your predictions have come true for me!In two separate readings, quite a few months apart (important in my mind because I know that you do so many readings, so how could you remember predictions?!?), you gave me April as being important for me and you know who (the neverending story saga man) and.... all the stuff is happening. Communication so far is really improving. He is chasing me. I have even got several apologies, which is new for him and he has said that he really does not want to blow it with me this time. I am sceptical but we will see! We are not back together because Im not ready for that, but it will be interesting to see how all this pans out in light of your other predictions which are actually not all that far away now!Also, it looks like I might be starting a "hands on" sort of academic course in September/October to do with talking therapies, so it looks as if another one of your predictions will come about. If my manager agrees and the uni people like the look of my application. (Not that I am telling any of these people that I am jobhunting with a vengeance.)Psychically speaking, I think that May could be the month that things take off for me (as you predicted), because I am really getting my intuition turned up by megawatts. I just knew that Mark would contact me on the day he did, so I was not surprised to get the message!Also saw you giving a live reading for a girl on the show a little while back. My mom was also watching and you really impressed her with your abilities, which is not an easy feat because shes a bit of a hardass for praise!Thanks again and speak soon.

- Telephone reading

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