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I’ve been psychic my whole life, and have been using Tarot cards since the age of 20.

I use Tarot, astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, and other methods of divination in my readings. Each reading is completely individual - like you! No two readings are the same.

If you decide to have a reading, try to think what you’d like to find out. Do you want to ask about: Romance, Work, Family, Future, Fertility, ...or anything at all you’d like to talk about.

You could go for a phone reading or an email reading - but if the reading you really want isn’t listed, let me know. We can always create your own reading for you. Shorter, longer, single topic, Skype. Whatever you like - we can arrange it.

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Launching: The Shadow Reading - Transform Within, Transform Without

Come, let's explore your emotional blocks, to gain a better understanding of your actions and direction in life.

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New: The Rainbow Reading - Good Vibes Only

After the rain... comes the rainbow. Your positive, happy reading.

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Specialist Elemental Readings

Structured readings specifically for empaths, starseeds, witches and light workers.

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Psychic Coaching and Mentoring

If you're a professional psychic or want to start out, come and learn from my 20 years + in the business.

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Correspondence Course

Tarot and Psychic Development course - learn to read for yourself.

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Email reading

From £10. Email readings are done every night, so why wait?

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Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Face to face reading

An hour’s reading in person, let’s find out what the future has in store for you!

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Telephone reading

Book your phone reading now! Appointments available most evenings.

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LinkedIn Xmas party 2018

Corporate events

Make your party or event stand out with a psychic!

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Hard Rock Calling 2013

Tarot parties

Book a whole afternoon of pampering readings for you and your friends.

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Get in touch with me personally, I'll be delighted to hear from you.

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Im quite excited to say that doing a mini-reading for my student at work went well. It was the first time Id read the cards for someone I dont really know. I was a bit nervous, especially as she is quite into the psychic world and raved about a past life regression shed had. I pretty much took the tack that I was still learning and explained that I was not in any way a professional or experienced! She was initially a little bit questioning over how I chose to do the reading (initially I went with 3 cards and then felt I wanted to select a couple more), and as she has looked at some of the traditional meanings in a tarot guide book, was saying things like, "The Chariot can swing either way, cant it?" Explained to her that interpretation very much depends on my intuition with the other cards present and the context of her question and just to relax. As she saw that I was genuinely picking up on stuff relevant to her question and and issues such as transition, overcoming major pain and strife, her developing personal quality of strength and working towards what she wants relationship-wise, she became quite emotional and began to cry. I think that I was quite touched by her reaction, in that the reading had obviously been a powerful experience for her. She said that she thought Id done well and said that she always became emotional in readings as the cards always showed how much she has been through. It was quite an emotional experience for me and I guess that it has given me a bit of confidence to have more faith in what I can do and maybe what I could do. With development! ...I really do hope that one day I am really competent at reading tarot and have developed what abilities I have.

- Home study course - learn Tarot and Psychic Development

Bless you girlie, I really do appreciate your reading, youre the best... Bless your witchy heart.

- Telephone reading

I am finding the course really interesting and enjoying completing the tasks.

- Home study course - learn Tarot and Psychic Development

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